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Lotus Biscoff Ice Cream Bars Are A Piece Of Heaven Loaded With Cookie Pieces And Cookie Butter

Some may say we have enough indulgence hanging out in our grocery aisles, but I beg to differ.

Those people have never had Lotus Biscoff cookies, and if they did, then they would understand that Lotus Biscoff ice cream bars needed to happen.

If you're not familiar with Lotus Biscoff cookies, I feel bad for you son.

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They're thin frilly rectangles of crispy gingery cinnamon goodness, AKA speculaas, which sounds like some sort of scary contraption a dentist would use, but it's not—don't worry.

It's a Dutch delicacy alongside their iconic stroopwafels, and if you haven't tried that, oh boy.

Although, Lotus' Biscoff cookies were created in Belgium. Anyways.

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If you've had a Lotus Biscoff cookie, then you know how addicting they are. Now, picture the cookies and cookie butter stuffed in an ice cream bar...

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Yes, it actually exists!

The bars were originally launched in Europe, but they've found their way to the U.S.A.

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Junk food hunter @candyhunting spotted the pack of three at their local Walmart.

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The bars are loaded with pieces of Biscoff cookie, cookie butter, and covered in a healthy coating of milk chocolate.

Why yes—yes this is what dreams are made of.

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