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'Ice Cream' Tulips Almost Look Good Enough To Eat

Brittany Rae 23 Apr 2020

Guys. As much as you may want to eat these tulips, I have to tell you: you totally can't.

You're going to want to. They'll make you crave ice cream. So here's a compromise: Get these flowers, then get yourself some ice cream.

This is the most edible looking flower I've ever seen.

See? What did I tell you? These tulips look like a swirled ice cream cone!

These are ice cream tulips, and they're cute as hell. They are absolutely good enough to eat.

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Absolutely delicious.

An ice cream tulip is what happens when you mix a double white tulip with a double red. The pink and green flowers mix to form the tulip's cone, while the white forms the gorgeous swirl.

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They're even more beautiful when they bloom!

They bloom up to 4 inches!

So, how can you care for your future ice cream tulip? Well, they're a big fan of sun, so make sure yours has access to at least a little.

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They bloom in the late spring.

What a perfect way to transition into summer! Your ice cream tulips will bloom just in time for you to crave regular ice cream.

Actually, who am I kidding? We all crave ice cream year-round, don't we?

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