9+ Cheap And Easy Hacks To Keep Kids Entertained At Home

Are you currently stuck at home with your kids? Oh, I feel you. That can't be the easiest thing to deal with.

So, if you're looking for some fun activities to keep your kiddos occupied for a few hours while you do work or finish some chores, I've got you, boo. Here are a few ideas other moms have shared that may actually rock your world. You're welcome.

1. This Indoor Tightrope Idea

Instagram | @shrootziee

Don't you love kids' activities that are both fun and physically challenging? This DIY indoor maze will keep them busy. You can also use tape to make a "tightrope" that will test their balance in an entertaining way.

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2. This Sponge Jenga Tower

Home Learning From Birth

Don't have Jenga lying around your house? No problem. Just make a set out of various sponges and let your kids build their tower. Yes! Thanks to Home Learning From Birth for this fun idea.

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3. This Organizing Project

Facebook | Trudy Stoermer

When you've been hoarding Tupperware for a while, now is the perfect time for your kids to play the "match the lids" game. LOL! Nice.

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4. This Virtual Field Trip Idea

Brigitte Brulz

Kids absolutely love field trips but, of course, they're all canceled now. So why not sign them up for a virtual trip instead?

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5. This Drawing Activity

Reddit | justpuneet

Teach kids how to draw with this cool light trick. It works equally well whether you do it on the patio or with indoor lighting. Wow!

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6. This Indoor Movies Idea

Facebook | Sadira Gray

Get the kids' cooperation with finishing their chores when you turn cleaning into a points-earning opportunity. Enough points equals a family movie night. So clever.

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7. This Indoor Mission Impossible Game


This is super easy to make if you have some tape or streamers, and will provide loads of fun for the kids to take turns. Cool!

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8. This At-Home Bowling Alley

Instagram | @alamamayin

Do you have empty water bottles at home? Perfect. Now you can set up your very own bowling alley with snacks and prizes. Yippee.

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9. This Balloon Rockets Home Edition


If you have some leftover balloons from a party, then you can set up this home edition of balloon rockets. Isn't this amazing?

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10. This Indoor Fort Idea

Instagram | @thesinceremama

Kids absolutely love building forts, whether they're outdoors or indoors. This fun activity will keep them entertained for days on end. Trust me. Ha, ha!

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11. This Paper Towel Roll Tower Idea


Believe it or not, toddlers get a kick out of repetitive tasks so this paper towel roll idea will keep them busy indeed. Have them experiment by dropping different items down the tube.

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12. This Bubble Wrap Fun


Most of us have some leftover bubble wrap lying around. So make a fun activity for the kiddos with this bubble wrap runway idea.

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13. This Indoor Twister Idea

Instagram | @lerushareddy

What a cool way to help your kids follow directions with this indoor Twister. Make your own game out of household items.

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14. This Color Hunt Idea

Instagram | @ahearlylearning

Teach kids to recognize colors in a fun way with this game. Look for objects with the same color, and let kids find and collect them.

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15. This Garage Space Idea


If you have a garage, why not move your car out of the way to make room for, say, a skating rink for the kiddos? It works, rain or shine!

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16. This "Chalk The Walk" Activity

Help your kids spread some positivity during these challenging times by letting them write messages of hope on your driveway for passersby to see.

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17. This Beanbag Game

Instagram | j@ennyhuber13

Use chalk to draw a target and get a few beanbags. Take turns tossing the beanbags and try to get a bullseye!

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18. This Indoor Skating Rink Idea


Corner off an area of your living room to create a skating rink with tissue paper or cotton stuffing. Then, get your kids to "skate" around for hours. Ha, ha!

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19. This Indoor Three-Legged Race


What a fun way to get your kids to play together. Tie two of their legs together to create an indoor version of a three-legged race.

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20. This Hide And Seek Home Version

Unsplash | Annie Spratt

Cure your kids' boredom by letting them play hide and seek in the house. Let the house be their oyster as they explore and get creative with hiding spots.

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21. This Learning Phone Numbers Idea

Facebook | Kristie Molanick

Turn teaching into a clever learning activity for your kiddos. This game teaches them to learn phone numbers and it's really fun.

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22. This Chalkboard Trampoline Idea

Facebook | Money Saving Mom

Don't want your kids to go in the driveway to do some art? No worries, this trampoline idea is pretty dang genius. Right?

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See, what did I tell you?


There are loads of cool ideas you can use to keep those kiddos from going stir crazy and turning your home into a madhouse.

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