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Rare Golden Possums Have Us All Saying 'Pikachu, I Choose You'

Amy Pilkington 14 May 2020

The first true Pokémon craze in the '90s missed me by a couple of years. I was just old enough to think the card game was silly and roll my eyes at my little sister begging mum and dad for the Gameboy games.

But not too old to think the Pocket Monsters were adorable, watch the TV anime, and memorize the PokéRap — because I was still a gigantic nerd.

I may have (mostly) forgotten the names of all 150 original Pokémon, but I still think they are adorable and secretly wish they really existed.

So can we please talk about how golden possums have always been A Thing?

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I don't know about you, but that looks a heck of a lot like a Pikachu to me!

I'll give you three guesses for where in the world these can be found, but you probably only need one.

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If you said Australia, have a cookie.

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If you said Japan, then I can understand the assumption, but while the actual inspiration is thought to be a mix of squirrel and a Northern pika, the Pikachu twin is an Australian brushtail possum.

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Of course, most brushtail possums are brown, but golden ones are, well, golden.

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Golden possums have a genetic mutation that causes lower levels of melanin. Melanin gives the possums their dark fur, so the lower amount results in a golden-blond color.

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Unfortunately, when these guys are born in the wild, their likelihood of survival is low.

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Nocturnal animals rely on their dark coloring to hide from predators, so if they don't have that natural camouflage, they struggle to survive. The few in captivity are mostly rescues and live in sanctuaries.

It's a shame they don't really have lightning powers to protect themselves.

h/t: The Age

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