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Relatable Tweets That Prove Halloween Just Hits Different As An Adult

Halloween hasn't lost its zest and excitement for everyone, but for many adults out there, it just doesn't hit the same. Who has the time— both emotionally and spiritually—these days to plan who or what they want to dress up as?

If we're going to be honest, we're just waiting for the candy to go on sale on November 1st. Anyway, here are some tweets for people who are still enjoying Halloween, just in a different way.

It's me. I'm the happy kid this Halloween while I smash a box-full of chocolate solo.

No shame!

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When a haunted house is an "escape," you know it must be bad out there.

If anyone is accepting applications for an extra who just sleeps in a creepy fake haunted bed, let me know.

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The world really is the ultimate haunted house, don't you think?

There is truly nothing more terrifying.

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Can we just go as ourselves for Halloween?

Can we start making that a thing?

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