Celebrate The Best Of Both Seasons With A 'Nightmare Before Christmas' Tree

Just like Mean Girls, The Nightmare Before Christmas is both a Halloween and Christmas movie. That means that it's only appropriate to have a Christmas tree that suits both occasions , and let's be real—we're always fishing for more excuses to keep our Christmas trees up as long as possible.

Check out these The Nightmare Before Christmas-themed trees for some major inspo.

I don't know if you've noticed, but Halloween trees are a thing.


And if you're going to participate in the trend, a The Nightmare Before Christmas-inspired tree is the perfect way to marry the two iconic holidays.

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While you can totally just deck out a regular faux Christmas tree in The Nightmare Before Christmas ornaments and decorations, we're particularly drawn to the trees that turn the tops into Jack's windy hill.


You don't need a star topper when you have this design.

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While you can't buy pre-made faux The Nightmare Before Christmas trees yet, you can totally make this yourself.

Instagram | @lostboysofatlantica

YouTubers Lost Boys of Atlantica showed how to constrict the avant-garde hill from faux twigs and garland.

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There are so many great iterations out there, it's really difficult to decide which one we like more!

Instagram | @ _mommaz_disney_finds_

Which style is your favorite? Let us know!

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