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8+ Very Round Birds Who Are The Definition Of 'Borb'

Amy Pilkington 11 Sep 2020

If you are unfamiliar with the term "borb," then here's a quick primer of how this particular bit of internet slang came to be.

First, there were birds. Birds are cute, and as is the way of all cute things on the internet, they were awarded the moniker of "birb." Later, someone noticed how round birbs looked rather like orbs.

And thus, the "borb" was born. All borbs are birbs, but not all birbs are borbs. All are also, technically, birds, but where's the fun in that?

1. Peaches are also orb-like, as this borb is showing us.

Instagram | @darleneeverittphotography

This is a Eurasian bullfinch all puffed up and ready for the cooler weather.

Many birbs who don't migrate to warmer climates will transform into borbs when the season calls for it.

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2. Meanwhile, in the fairytale land of Australia, even the robins are borbs.

Instagram | @ambikangela

Tiny, pink-bellied ones.

Yes, this is a real bird, and yes, every time I see a common, red-breasted robin in my yard now I feel slightly ripped off.

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3. Not to be outdone in borbliness, New Zealand has the takahe.

Reddit | notherfacelessperson

It is basically a flightless orb with a head, and you know what? I support that evolutionary decision.

The neck is a little longer than this angle shows, but the body is still very round.

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4. One very round quack here.

Reddit | michaelsenpatrick

This does have a bit of the same perspective trick as the previous image, but you can actually see where the neck meets the body.

And that proves just how round this waterborb is.

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5. Look how tiny this little borb is!

Instagram | @soosseli

Apparently, he is called a goldcrest and you can bet I'll be looking for more info on this delightful borb because I simply must know more.

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6. The bearded reedling is a borb that can do a mean splits.

Instagram | @olssonstenman_photography

Seriously, this feathery ball is more flexible than I am and judging by the look on its face, it knows it.

If any of these borbs is an official Angry Bird, it's this guy.

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7. The shima-enaga bird is a cotton ball borb.

Instagram | @ktgwyzr

They are a subspecies of long-tailed tit that can only be found on the Japanese island of Hokkaido.

They differ from the common type in that they have pure white faces.

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8. This tiny owl is a very dangerous borb.

Instagram | @simonlee8808

Technically, it is an owlet, since like poor Plutobeing demoted to "planetoid," the collared owlet was deemed too tiny to be considered a proper owl.

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9. When I first saw the small version of this pic, I thought the dark patch on its chest was a leg.

Instagram | @soosseli

Combined with the look on the borb's face, it made the whole scene look like he's the head of a borb mob family, leaning back on his stick while being very disappointed in his henchmen.

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10. You'd be forgiven if you thought the term "plumbeous" referred to the roundness of this bird.

Instagram | @alper.varon_photography

It does sound like a word that would, but alas, the plumbeous water redstart was actually named for its slate-blue colour.

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11. Butterball borb.

Reddit | cazzyflies

I think this is a common canary, so I hope it's just visiting the outdoors and not someone's lost pet.

Still, it certainly knows how to puff up like a boss.

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