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Guy Builds A Car Out Of Snow And The Police Give Him The Best Ticket

If you live in a place with heavy snowfall, you're probably used to it being illegal to park your car on the road overnight. This is so that the plows can clear the streets — and inevitably block your car in the driveway so that you have to dig your way out in the morning.

Not that I'm bitter about it or anything...

To be fair, snow isn't always a downer.

In Tokyo, where they saw serious snow for the first time in years, people began making their favorite pop culture characters.

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Jabba the Hutt may seem deceptively simple to make, but he's hard to master.

I mean, yeah, he starts as an easily build, requiring just a simple mound of snow. No rolling needed here.

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But it's the attention to detail that sells it. If you screw up the details, then it's just a slug, not a Hutt.

And then there is this Totoro, who comes complete with classic umbrella.

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He even has his whiskers! If I saw him on the street, I couldn't help but hug him.

Sure, Totoro is usually employing the umbrella for rain, but maybe that's why snow Totoro seems a bit confused.


Heavy snowfall isn't something he would normally come across very often in Japan.

Montreal has certainly seen its share of snow this winter too, and one resident decided to have some fun with the road crews.

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Simon Laprise, a machinist and woodworker, told VICE that he was just looking to have some fun on a nice day.

“It was a beautiful day,” he said, “So I decided to do something out of the mountain of snow."

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But what he thought was a fun prank for the snowplows ended up getting the attention of the local police.

Presumably, they pulled over to enforce the "No Street Parking" law.

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And it's not just one cop car. There were two!

Though, I suppose the first cop could have called the other to share the find.

I wonder how long it actually took for them to realize the vehicle was made of snow...

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Like, was it right away, or did they start looking for a windshield wiper to stick the ticket under before they realized?

I mean, for a car sculpted out of snow, it looks pretty darn good.

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It may not have fooled anyone by day, but it would work at night, at least until you got close.

Plus, mad props for choosing the iconic Delorean as a muse.


It doesn't appear to be augmented for time travel, but that's okay. I doubt it would reach the required 88mph anyway.

However long it took for the cops to understand, the prank didn't make them mad — though they did leave a ticket.

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"You made our night!!! HAHAHAHAHA :)" it says.

I can just imagine the fun those officers had describing the find to their coworkers back at the station! LOL

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And of course, the internet loved it too. The story quickly went viral.

I know all this heavy snowfall has sucked, but it's pranks like Simon Laprise's that help us get through the winter doldrums.


It was a bit of fun on a cold day.

Sure, there are people out there with some mad skills.

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It can even be fun to go visit your local snow sculpting competition, if you're lucky enough to have one.

But you don't need to be an artist to get out there and enjoy the snow.

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Remembering that winter can be fun is especially important for adults who spend a lot of time shovelling.

Shovelling driveways and trying to commute in snowy conditions can make us adults a bit jaded.

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But if we stop to have a bit of fun, we can boost our mood and maybe even make someone else's day.