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These Shoes Let Your Big Toes Take Center Stage And Absolutely Shine

Olivia Nazarewich

Olivia Nazarewich

We're all about embracing our toes and showing them off in all their glory this year. At the start of summer, we saw women totally flaunting their long painted toenails. And while many people felt some type of way about that, we just can't get enough.

Now, we're giving all our attention to our big toes with this revolutionary footwear.

Fashion enthusiasts would have recognized this shoe trend take off during Paris Fashion Week last year during the spring/summer 2019 runway shows.

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This pair of heels, that let your big toe take center stage and just completely hang out, were featured during Y/Project's spring show.

This red patent pair also lets your big toe completely shine.

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Is it time for a big toe revolution in footwear?

These Céline Pirate mules highlight your big toe in a different way.

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Yes, the design of these shoes completely cover the big toe, but it's like a funky toe cast to protect your big toe from getting stubbed or snagged on anything.

To be honest, many of us wore sandals like this in the '90s and early '00s.


And I have to admit, they make your feet feel more secure in sandals, like a little piggy in a blanket.

Would you wear any of these styles of big toe shoes? Let us know!